..... enrollment is limited

National scouting Historian Summit
June 9-15, 2019

Scouting's first-ever event about protecting, preserving and sharing the rich heritage of the BSA.   Are You Going?

..... enrollment is limited


The National Historian Summit is open to all 

Scouts and Scouters 14 years of age and older.  

So, take your time, look around, and check out the 

National Scouting Historian Summit.  

About the Summit

The first ever week-long summit for Scouting Historians at Philmont, jointly sponsored by the Order of the Arrow and the National Scouting Museum, will immerse participants in the Rules, Tools, and Strategies for capturing and preserving Scouting's rich heritage, while focusing on how to create a robust local history program.

Registration open to Scouters and all Scouts age 14 and older.

Educational Themes

Interesting and innovative courses led by Scouting Historian experts will provide usable and comprehensive information for advanced and beginner historians alike, in a thematic flow  over the week that puts "all the puzzle pieces together" into a formula for success. Themes include:

• Research - What and where to    gather the information you need    to document your history.
• Storytelling -
How to keep it interesting and communicate in ways that engage other people.
• Inventory, Archiving and Preservation (IAP) -
Everything you  need to keep your collections organized, stored and protected.
• Sharing -
How to get your history "out there" in books, social networking, web sites, museums, and displays.

Family Activities

If you can, bring the whole family. Philmont Training Center has a full schedule of fun activities including hikes, tours, evening events and a complete program for kids and significant others. 

Can you think of a better way to kick off summer than a week in the Southern Rockies where the air is clean and the stars are bright? 

(We hear the food 

is pretty good too)


Youth Scout Grants

The National Scouting Historian Summit at Philmont 

is actively seeking youth Scouts (minimum age 14 on 

June 15, 2019) to attend. If you know of any youth that 

might benefit from the Summit, please encourage them 

to be a part of this special opportunity.  

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Here's the answers and links to info you need to know:


Top Five Reasons to Attend the 

National Scouting Historian Summit 


1. Five action-packed days of instruction from handpicked Scouting historian experts in relevant topics that provide the Rules, Tools, and Strategies needed to be an effective Scouting historian.

2. Meet, network, and interact with over one hundred fellow Scouting historians and National Scouting Museum staff.

3. Be among the fortunate to participate in the largest National OA and 

National Scouting Museum events next summer 2019. (OA membership not required).

4. Spend a week in the Southern Rockies at Philmont Scout Ranch in June. (Need we say more?) 

5. The National Scouting Historian Summit is going to be AWESOME!

Schedule of Events

Look for individual course titles & descriptions along with a day-by-day  run-down of social activities and events in early 2019.

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The Philmont Training Center has a limited cap on attendees and 

the 2019 National Scouting Historian Summit is filling up fast.  

Based on heavy demand and enrollment, we asked for and were granted an increase of 25 slots in the last week of November but those spots won't last long. 

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Scouting Historian Summit 2019

Philmont Scout Ranch, 17 Deer Run Rd, Philmont, New Mexico 87714, United States

Philmont Training Center (PTC)
Southern Rockies
Travel by car or air travel through Denver, Colorado Springs, or Albuquerque

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