Courses & Instructors

Courses and Instructors

A National faculty of Scouting historian experts will headline the first National Scouting Historian Summit. Attendees will receive courses grouped in four logical themes necessary for all Scouting historians to be successful .              

Customized learning tracks will allow participants to sign up for preset curriculums or freelance through courses that meet their interests. As always, subject matter is geared towards the rules, tools & strategies needed to implement historical skills at the local council level by beginners and advanced historians alike. 

Presentations will include demonstrations, group participation, tours & panel discussions.        

Research Theme

From Research to Writing                           Kenneth P. Davis Ph.D 

Facts based Historical Research                        Nelson Block

Digital Newspaper Search                                      Ken Badgett

How to Use a Research Librarian                       Marty Tschetter

Practical Guide to Oral Histories                       Chris Brightwell                      

Storytelling Theme

Essential Elements of Story Telling                    Bill Topkis

Capturing Public Memory with Emotion       Marty Tschetter

Speaking History with Significance                   Bradley Taylor

Villa Philmonte: Museum Touring Skills         David Werhane, 

                                                                                                   Kevin Becker 

Take Pictures & Videos that Tell Stories         Terrel Miller         


Inventory-Archiving-Preservation (IAP) Theme

Memorabilia Preservation Techniques           Robert Fistick

Museum Collections Best Practices                  David Werhane,

                                                                                                   Daisy Allen

Art Detectives &                                                             Bill Topkis

       National Scouting Art Registry                        

Managing Artifacts During                                      Scott Smith

       Temporary Exhibitions                                        

Keeping Track of your Collection                        Dale Opgenorth    

Sharing Theme

Scouting Historical Websites                                Dr. Jeff Morley

Digital Sharing Options                                             Bradley Taylor

Publishing Scouting History Books       Kenneth P. Davis Ph.D

Writing Scouting Biographies                               Nelson Block

Writing Historical Newsletters                            Marty Tschetter

Tour the New National Scouting Museum     David Werhane

How to Start a Council Museum                          Dale Opgenorth

Pop-Up Museums Part 1:                                          Bradley Taylor,

       Organization & Development                         Tim Brown

Pop-Up Museums Part 2:                                          Dr. Jeff Morley

        Layout, Graphics & Esthetics 

Virtual Museums: Who Will be First?               NSHS Team

The Scouting Memories Project                           Robert Fistick, 

                                                                                                   Robert Mason, Mike Clinch,

                                                                                                   Roger Ellis