Learning Tracks Announced

       The National Scouting Historian Summit is centered on 4 main themes: Research; Storytelling; Inventory, Archiving, & Preservation (IAP); and Sharing

     Our goal is to create a customized learning experience with emphasis on what participants hope to gain from the Summit. Therefore, we have developed five learning tracks – each having a selection of courses from the four themes centered on a common topic. Each track will also include signature panel discussions in all four of the main Summit themes. There will be flexibility for each participant to select additional courses, if desired, outside of their learning track based on individual interest. 

     Books & Publications Track

This track focuses on various research methods and resources, and how to connect research to writing. Additionally, participants will learn strategies for writing history books, biographies, and historical newsletters. 

     Tours & Public History Track

This track focuses on the essence of telling our story to the public, whether by tour, oral history, art, or periodicals. Participants will learn strategies for engaging in oral history practice, speaking in public settings, finding and preserving art, and searching the world of digitized newspapers from the past. 

     Digital & Technology Track

This track focuses on utilizing numerous digital and technology resources to find and share our history. Participants will learn through examples including digitized newspapers, website development, digital inventory systems, webinars, clouding sharing, and more. 

     Museums & Displays Track

This track focuses on methods and best practices for designing and creating museums and displays of all types, sizes, and venues. Participants will learn about preservation best practices, collection and inventory methods, how to start a council museum, and creating pop-up museums. 

     Youth Track

This track is customized for our youth participants to provide resources, best practices, and methods from all of the four tracks listed above. Participants will experience courses from each of the four tracks and a few specific youth-core courses. 

Course and learning track registration will begin in mid-March 2019. More details will be released at a later date on the timeline and process.